Column: Montclair Plaza’s birds now roosting at City Hall


Remember the bird sculptures from Montclair Plaza’s JC Penney atrium? You might if you lived here prior to the mid-1980s, when they were removed. Now they’re back, only this time they’re at City Hall, inside and out. Read all about it in my Friday column.

Above, an undated photo from the book “Images of Montclair.” Below, a view of the west lobby of City Hall, showing five of the 12 birds that are back on display.

A city employee talks about the restoration in a short video. There’s also a hyperlink in the column for (heh heh) a scene from “The Birds.”

birds 023

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  • DebB

    I worked at the May Co. at Montclair Plaza in 1974-75, and I remember the atrium outside Penney’s with it’s clock tower. But I really don’t remember those birds. Maybe I just never looked up! At the time, though, I was attending Cal Poly, so I don’t think I spent a lot of time at the Plaza outside of working hours. The birds have a definite ’60s vibe, especially against that block wall! I’m glad they got out of mothballs.

    • davidallen909

      Maybe you didn’t see the birds because you were too focused on the clock and whether you were late to work! I didn’t live here then, so I never saw the birds myself.