Column: Two birds, one stone and one bus in a chronic city

Sunday’s column is about another public transit adventure, this time to downtown L.A. and, thankfully, back, although the MTA wasn’t much help in that regard.

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  • SAWZ

    Looks like you had a similar experience to the one I had last summer. If the last subway run is normally due at Union Station 15 minutes, or so, prior to departure of the final Metrolink train for that day, the MTA should alert Metrolink, and the train should be held until 15 minutes after that final subway train reaches the station. What else is the purpose of the late Metrolink train?

    • davidallen909

      You make a good point, Shirley. I don’t know what time track maintenance began, but perhaps it have waited until after 11 p.m. (Unless it occurred due to an unforeseen event.)

      Metrolink is small compared to the MTA system, and the number of would-be Metrolink riders affected may have been minuscule (I can’t imagine the train came home empty), but it’s unfortunate when what should be predictable isn’t.