Fine meats and cheeses coming soon


Coming soon to 105 E. Arrow Highway, Pomona (just east of Garey): Brick Market Deli,¬†featuring “fine meats and cheeses,” “baked goods,” “fresh and natural foods.” Sounds more promising than the KFC, vacant Arby’s, Taco Bell and McDonald’s that line Garey.

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  • Andy Sze

    Good try wrong demographic. Good luck. Mc d is closed?

    • Susan McGee Meader

      We can make it the right demographic! Hope Brick is a great success.

    • davidallen909

      No. I was merely listing the restaurants north to south, with vacant Arby’s being one of them. Didn’t mean to imply Taco Bell or McD’s were vacant too. D’oh, and I forgot Pancakes R Us.

  • Susan McGee Meader

    Go Brick! We will be loyal customers!

  • DebB

    Is this the tiny little building next to Johnny’s? It used to be a lawnmower repair shop. I wish them luck!

    • davidallen909

      It is! I hadn’t known what was there previously.

  • Tim

    If it’s the brick building on the South side of Arrow Hwy. then it was originally the Social Security Administration building at least into the eighties. It then became some type of medical office. The lawnmower shop was in the small building on the North side of Arrow Hwy. The Northwest corner of Arrow Hwy. and Garey Ave. was Winchell’s Donuts (now Pizza Hut) and the Sizzler restaurant was originally Bosco’s restaurant in the sixties. The whole row of fast food places you mentioned were built in the mid sixties.

    • davidallen909

      I’d never heard of Bosco’s and didn’t know about Winchell’s. Thanks, Tim. The brick building, which is newly bricked, is on the north side.