No RoW today

You don’t need to read about a restaurant the day after Christmas, do you? Restaurant of the Week will return the day after New Year’s. I do have one ready to go, and another couple in the works, and of course scads of places to try.

If you need something to look at, I returned to a 2008 restaurant, Kikyryki, in Claremont for lunch recently to take photos. At that point I didn’t know how to post photos. It’s a goal of mine to go back and add photos to posts about restaurants that are still in business. Kikiryki is still a good place.

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  • DebB

    So, my birthday is not far off, unfortunately, and some friends want to take me to dinner. Of all the places you’ve reviewed (or have in waiting), where would you ask friends to take you on your birthday? Maybe the top two or three?

    • davidallen909

      Hmm. That’s a daunting, but fascinating, question. Mes Amis in Chino Hills, Pappas Artisanal Sandwiches in La Verne (which now has dinner), Union on Yale in Claremont and Taste of Asia in La Verne are four favorites. Happy pre-birthday!

      • DebB

        Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thanks as well for the restaurant suggestions. I was tempted to go to Union on Yale, because I really like that place. I also want to try Pappas some day soon.

        But after a lot of discussion, we all decided to try Wang Cho Korean BBQ in the Chino Spectrum on Grand. It gets good reviews on Yelp, and we liked it a lot. I’ve only done Korean BBQ a few times, but I really get a kick out of cooking my food on the grill at the table. It is a little pricey – almost $20 per person – but it’s all you can eat.

        On the way back we stopped at 85°C. One of my friends is Taiwanese and she was in heaven! She bought some things I’m not at all familiar with, plus we all chose a piece of cake to take home. Everything was delicious!

        • davidallen909

          You should have said to your friends, echoing the ’80s hit, “Everybody, Wang Cho tonight.”