Mod! Chino Post Office

post office books 002

post office books 003

Chino’s Post Office, 5375 Walnut Ave., is a grabber. I like the decorative pillars, which link horizontally toward the top. Very mod. The facade sign that reads “United States Post Office, Chino California 91710” is cool too.

The facility opened in 1970. It says so right on this plaque by the entrance. I took a peek at the interior and it was drab, although the air conditioning was vigorous.

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  • Joanne Dallas

    Oh, David, you have to convince me on this one. Maybe its because I’ve been inside (dull an drab) and also drove by it countless times on my way to work. Bland ’70s cinder block squareness. Utile with no spark. What am I missing?

    • davidallen909

      Might be a stretch, I dunno. I said what I liked in the first paragraph. It’s a box, yes, but I like the adornments. I was leaving a grinder shop across the street when I looked over and thought, huh, that’s cool.

  • Theodore Melendez

    Needs to be painted, looked a lot cooler(or moderner is that a word) in 1992 when the paint wasn’t peeling .

  • Ronald Scott

    I see the parking still sucks, of course most post offices have bad parking