Column: In Upland, far too close to the madding crowd

Monday’s Upland City Council meeting was remarkably unruly, but don’t blame the council. Nineteen speakers trooped to the lectern to discuss homelessness and the city’s budget. And some shouted comments from their seats. Wednesday’s column describes the scene.

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  • DebB

    Sounds like a reality show waiting for a producer…”Keeping up with the Uplanders”? “Musser Dynasty”? “Here comes Calvert”?

    • davidallen909

      …”Kitchenless Nightmares,” “That’s My Calvert!”

  • Ramona

    I really should make it a point to attend these meetings. The action sounds like it’s so much better than anything on TV on Mondays. Maybe someone will film the next meeting and submit it for consideration to NBC. They need all the help they can get.

    Titled “Welcome to Our Nay-borhood”.