Column: For political widow, a last chance to kick up her heels

unruh 018

Mrs. Unruh, as she’s billed, owns Mount Baldy’s Buckhorn Lodge, where she performs with a band on weekends, doing torch songs, country songs and showtunes. She’s the widow of Jesse Unruh, who before his 1987 death was one of California’s most prominent legislators. The lodge will be closing soon. I sit in on a performance for Friday’s special-length column.

Watch 45-second videos of her here and here.

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  • SAWZ

    It sounds like she has been working hard to make a success of the Buckhorn. I was never there, but its too bad to see another “historical” place go. She isn’t the only one that was done in by a previous spouse–the same thing happened to Debbie Reynolds and Doris Day–they both had their own name recognition and they kept going. Its kind of sad to think that “Big Daddy” dumped her and he gets the recognition, posthumously.

    • davidallen909

      Big Daddy didn’t dump her. He dumped his wife for her!

      • SAWZ

        Oh sorry–I didn’t pay proper attention. I was thinking he pulled a, “Newt Gringrich”, thing. Its hard sometimes to keep up with some of these Figures playing, “Partner Musical Chairs”.

  • Edward Éamonn Knuff

    I was at the Buckhorn, this past Saturday night and Mrs. Unruh was singing.

    • davidallen909

      Hope you enjoyed it.