Evidently there was some sort of sporting contest yesterday, but once again, I missed the whole thing.

It’s an annual tradition here that we discuss what we did instead of watching football. In my case, I took part in a morning Secret Stairs hike in Hollywood that involved Bronson Canyon and the Batcave from the 1960s “Batman” show (see above), followed by lunch in Los Feliz. That was all before the big game, though, and for the game itself, I was sore enough from the hike, and tired enough from the early start, that I sat on the couch like many of fellow countrymen and -women. Except I was watching the tail end of the DVD “Stones in Exile,” a documentary about the Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street” album (only my favorite ever), and then listening to a disc of Louis Armstrong’s “Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography” while reading the CD booklet.

If you stayed away from what “everyone else” was doing, share the details below.

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  • Bob House

    My annual tradition is to watch the Super Bowl — even, sadly, the pre-game blather — and then jealously read the next day what you and readers did instead. What a great day you had! A quick map check says you were too far to the north, but did you happen to hike the Laurel and Hardy “Music Box” stairs?

    • davidallen909

      Not this time, but I’ve done the Music Box stairs before!

      • Ramona

        I watched reruns of “In the Heat of the Night” on TV, ate some of Marie Callendar’s tasty treats for lunch and took a nap. Didn’t find out who won (who cares?) the SB until the evening news. What a life!

        You couldn’t have chosen a nicer, prettier day for your hike. Achy or not, I sort of envy you.

        And yes, I’ve done the Music Box stairs as well as the “Rocky” steps in Philadelphia. I haven’t always been a couch potato.

  • SAWZ

    I normally do anything but watch the game, but I really anticipated this one. I was in Tacoma at the time of the 2006 Super Bowl game, when Seattle played and lost–the fans there were absolutely traumatized about that loss. I just wanted a little happiness for them this time. (And, it was nice to see Pete Carroll win a Super Bowl–I saw him in person a few years ago when he was still coaching at USC–he walked right by me in the waiting area at the Oakland airport). And, Bruno Mars———-wow!

  • DebB

    OK, technically, I watched the game. But until a few days ago I couldn’t have told you who was playing, and I still don’t really care. I’m one of those people who watches for the commercials, and I have to say I was disappointed. Maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I’m getting to that age where I’ve “seen everything,” maybe advertisers are trying too hard, or trying not to spend too much. But, in my opinion, the past two or three years have been sorely lacking in creativity.

    Yes, there were a couple that made me laugh, the Budweiser Clydesdale and the lab puppy were adorable together, but the only one that I felt had real potential was the M&M commercial, which seemed to promise an arc about the yellow M character being abducted. What a dud! One pre-bowl commercial, one during-bowl commercial that answered nothing, and that was it!

    I’d have been better off hiking Bronson Canyon (although I did eat some delicious chicken wings and zucchini fries!).

  • Doug Evans

    Went to my parents’ house for a Super Bowl watching party/dinner, which basically means my dad was going to watch because he was the only sports fan there. The game was too big of a shut-out for even him, so at my 11-year-old daughter’s request, we switched over to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Two hours of puppies romping around on a pretend football field. Pretty cute, actually!