Column: ‘True Blood’ batwings into Pomona for filming

True Blood set3

The 500 block of West Second Street in Pomona was dressed up with shops for a scene for the HBO vampire drama “True Blood” that filmed Monday. That’s the first item in my Friday column, which also stops into an Ontario council meeting and presents some waitress banter from Rancho Cucamonga and Upland.

Photo above is by Sally Egan. If you know that block, you’ll recognize the Kitron Radio sign, which is permanent; the others were put up for the shoot. You can find more images at The Loft on 2nd, a blog kept by a loft dweller in that block, who shot photos and a video from an upper level, and at, a fansite.

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  • Doug Evans

    I read in the Chino Hills Champion that the True Blood producers have approached our city about filming a scene in our City Hall in the next month or two. This is causing a bit of a kerfluffle on the Chino Hills Connections Facebook page as people are reacting to the fact that this series can be “racy” and “gory” (quoting some of the commenters). I say: bring on the filming! We can use the money the production would bring in and, heck: TV fame! Plus, vampires.

    • davidallen909

      Can’t forget vampires.