Column: ‘Jeopardy!’ champ may take answers from audience

Wednesday’s column shares that Ken Jennings will appear at Upland’s Carnegie building Friday evening. After that come items on cultural events, a Claremont official’s encounter with a deer, a weird crime and the Deja Vu club near Montclair. If it’s not immodest to say, I like my headline.

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  • DebB

    Ken Jennings was one of two former “Jeopardy!” contestants invited back 3 years ago to compete against a supercomputer named Watson. They billed it as a showdown of intellect – man vs computer. In reality, it was not a matter of intellect but of the ability to buzz in first. Watching it, I could easily see that the two men very often knew the correct answer, but the computer had the advantage on the buzzer. And occasionally the computer was wrong, not having understood the question correctly. I found it a little frustrating to watch.

    • davidallen909

      Ooooh, how I hate cheating computers. Maybe if Watson had to reach out a clawed arm and punch a buzzer, the humans would have won.

  • Doug Evans

    Technically, Jennings is promoting a news series of books called “Ken Jennings’ Junior Genius Guides” that he’s written for kids. He says he’s trying to write the kinds of books he loved to read as a child. A fairly precocious child, presumably. The first two books, already released, focus on maps and geography and Greek mythology. Here’s a link to his blog where he talks about it!

    And another link, this one with cute pictures of kids and their artwork at the schools he’s been to so far:

    I bought his “Because I Said So!” book that you mentioned in your column last year as a Christmas gift for my wife. Funny stuff! He’s a good writer.

    And I can’t let your mention of Jeopardy and Greg Kihn go without linking to this song!

    (And props to you on your column headline!)

    • davidallen909

      You’re more up on your Jenningsiana than I am…the Upland library told me he was promoting “Because I Said So!” and I went with that.

      The video link appears (subtly!) in the column!

      • Doug Evans

        I saw the link… but the Greg Kihn song is not the song I linked to! 😉

        I’m sure Jennings is happy for any mention of any book he’s written… He writes a very entertaining blog, which is how I know all this stuff about him. He doesn’t update daily, though, so he’s a few links below David Allen in my bookmark list!

        • davidallen909

          I clicked the link and see what you did. Ha ha.