Column: IE Weekly finds no alternative but to shut down


Inland Empire Weekly, launched in 2006, has ceased publication. I pay tribute in Friday’s column. Above, the Glass House Record Shop in Pomona still has copies of recent issues.

(Wes Woods took the photo for me; when I visited the Arts Colony Thursday morning, any business that had copies wasn’t open yet. I could see copies through the windows at the record shop, New York Deli and dba 256. Sob!)

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  • Bob Terry

    Now I’m going to need to find a new Mexican to ask questions to! I was reading the OC Weekly for years when I worked in that decadent part of So Cal and rarely have missed an issue of the IE Weekly ever. Maybe having Alan Borgen do his re-run restaurant reviews was the downfall.

  • Doug Evans

    I used to read the IE Weekly at the Chino Hills Car Wash, but it hasn’t been showing up there for several years now. I always thought it was a crazy coincidence that their local-doings columnist was “Allen David”… Never occurred to me till reading your column today that that was a (rather obvious) pseudonym!

    And now, since I have the attention of the internet, I’m going to post a link to an article that the OC Weekly wrote about yours truly waaaay back in 1999! Somebody go back in time 15 years and tell young Doug Evans that he never lands that full-time job. (I’ve cut my drive down to just two schools, though).

    • davidallen909

      Almost as fascinating to me as you being the star of that story was the guy named John Didion. He must get a lot of “wait, what?” from lit readers.

      • Doug Evans

        Heh! I’d never noticed that before.

        I did notice that the first four words of the article (crashing into my name) credit the photographer, though my photo no longer appears on the page. It was a good photo, too!