Column: Comic book exhibit bursts into Upland museum


An exhibit at the Cooper Regional History Museum in Upland is devoted to comics and Pop art. It’s the subject of my Wednesday column.

Above, a 1966 Jughead comic on display has a commentary on Pop art, neatly tying the two threads of the exhibit together.

One thing I left out of the column was a crack about the exhibit’s name, which appears to be “Let’s Have Some Fun at the Cooper Museum Pop Art Exhibition.” Gosh, let’s. If the exhibit finds another home after its May 31 end at the Cooper, a new name should be a priority.

Two short videos that I shot feature co-curators John Atwater and Anthony Ghosn.

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  • Bob House

    I wonder if the “Zap” comic under Jughead’s arm is a coincidence or a sly tip of the hat to R. Crumb’s underground contribution to the art?

    • davidallen909

      You’ve already answered your own question, but it IS a clever cover. Camps Soup is a sly joke about camp. (The Batman TV series was likely on the air when this cover was drawn.) The superhero depicted, the Shield, was published by Archie Comics, so that aspect is self-referential.

  • Bob House

    Follow-up: I should have done my research; original Zap wasn’t published until 1968. So maybe Crumb got his idea from Jughead (doubtful).

    • davidallen909

      If you’re going to steal, steal from the best!