Column: Rancho Cucamonga’s Rally Bear lumbers to Winter Olympics to go polar


Remember the Rally Bear from a Dodgers game last fall, and how he was really a former Tremor from Rancho Cucamonga? He was in Sochi and sent me some photos and info, with which I lead off Friday’s column. After that: cultural items and Claremont items.

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  • Randall V

    The only thing eerie about this bear it “bears” a striking resembelance to the one used in the movie “Ted.” Perhaps a distant relative?

  • Bob Terry

    Randall, I know this “bear” in real life, and trust me…he is very similar to Ted…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • SAWZ

    I got to read your column tonight. These pay walls are so frustrating–I fail to see how they are good business. I just started patronizing Saca’s about a month ago. I certainly hope the new owners keep their word about not changing the recipes. I recall when Antonio’s Italian restaurant in Ontario changed hands several years ago–word was that the new owners would keep the recipes–it eventually became a Mexican restaurant–we miss Antonio’s terribly.