Column: With sandwich, Montclair meeting becomes dinner theater

For a change of pace, and also to hear the discussion about the Gold Line, I attended Tuesday’s Montclair City Council meeting. I decided kind of late to go, and was starving. So I got a sandwich on my way, to go, and took it to eat during the meeting. Despite having attended hundreds, maybe a thousand, public meetings in my career, this was a first. Who says I can’t innovate?

(Although the audience was sparse and I tried to eat discreetly — such as taking bites of my crunchy sandwich when people were applauding — I felt a little guilty about the whole thing. Didn’t want to seem rude. Of course, there’s no sign on the door banning “outside food and drink,” I bought my meal in Montclair and everyone expects newspapermen to be ill-mannered slobs, so maybe I got a pass.

Sunday’s column about the meeting can be read here. And I’ve updated my 2008 blog post about Super Sandwich here, adding photos.

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  • SAWZ

    Ontario should concentrate on solving its problem of getting the airport back under its own operation, so there is air traffic and customers. It doesn’t need to have the Gold Line run to it from Montclair. A shuttle service from Montclair to the airport would suffice the needs of travelers who need over-night accommodations for their vehicles. There is room at the transcenter for development of such an operation. All of the cities in the west end would win, without the turmoil of disrupting residents and businesses, that would be necessary if they tried to take the Gold Line to the airport. Forget that!

    • davidallen909

      This is all long-term stuff, and Ontario trying to reclaim its airport, or a piece of same, shouldn’t really conflict with having a rail line reach it a decade or two from now. For all we know, ONT might be booming by then.

  • SAWZ

    That would have really been a news-story if the newsman who never comes was told he couldn’t eat his sandwich in the gallery. That would never happen in Montclair, David. The Council would be so relieved to see that you weren’t Chris Reed–you could eat whatever you want.

    • davidallen909

      Next time I’ll have a pizza delivered!

  • Tim

    Eat, drink and be merry!