Column: You can’t say penny hoarders lack common cents


Above are John Fatini’s penny bottles. Friday’s column starts with an item on two other local men who save pennies and a third who makes a game of picking up change. After that, a long list of Culture Corner items and a plug for this blog.

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  • DebB

    Oh, man – your item about the art fairs at the Old Schoolhouse just shot me back to my Cal Poly days in the early 70s! It was Griswold’s back then, with a (Swedish?) smorgasbord where Buca di Beppo is now. Trader Joe’s and the parking lot next to it were just grass, and the art fair was held on that lawn every Sunday. It was kind of Claremont’s version of an early Sawdust Festival. My roommates and i would go there every so often and wander around the stalls. I still have a painting I bought there, although right now it’s in the garage, hopefully not getting soaked!

    • SAWZ

      I can’t read the column, because of the pay wall, but I kinda get the drift (too rainy to go to the Library today). We used to take our children to Griswold’s smorgasboard every Friday night. One time, I glanced at my daughter’s plate, as we sat down at our table, and I noticed that she only had two small potatoes on her plate–I sent her back. They had the best carrot salad in the world, and I tried to duplicate it, but it didn’t turn out like Griswold’s. And the dessert tray–oh my! I also recall a Griswold’s disclaimer on the wall, advising diners that any tips left for the servers would be included toward the total of their, respective, minimum wage amounts–for shame!