Restaurant photos added for RC, Fontana

This blog began in September 2007, and for its first 16 months, there were no photos, because I didn’t know how to post them. (Training was, shall we say, at a minimum.) This made for some blah Restaurant of the Week posts in particular.

For consistency’s sake, now and then I’ve added photos to restaurant posts from that period for eateries still in business. Now I’m trying to do so in more concerted fashion, focusing on one city at a time to make the task less overwhelming.

And so, you can find photos now with all my Rancho Cucamonga restaurant posts, after I added them for 14 restaurants (click on the names to see them):  Stevie Dee’s CafeMonaco’s PizzaJohnny Carino’s, Islamorada, Bright Star Thai Vegan, Green Mango Thai Bistro, CostcoYatai Sushi, Terry’s Burgers, Anthony’s Italian Kitchen, China PointDon MarcosGandolfo’s and my very first RoW, El Ranchero. Ditto with neighboring Fontana and its Viola’s Deli, the only photo-less restaurant from that period. Some are simple exterior shots, while at others I bought meals, photographed them and added some text.

Besides updating these posts, I’ve also gone through the Restaurants: Rancho Cucamonga category to remove any restaurants no longer in business; those posts have been shifted to the Inland Valley Eatin’ category with the notation “closed.”

More updates for other restaurant categories will come as time permits. And if you appreciate my stubborn attention to detail, back pats are accepted.

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  • Ramona

    ” . . my stubborn attention to detail” would be called OCD in some circles but I’ll use a phrase that was used to describe my work habits. “It’s not compulsive, it’s highly organized and very efficient”.

    Even though I no longer work for a living, I still have routines that I follow here at home to be sure that everything gets done in a timely manner. Nothing wrong with that. (Unless something or someone disrupts the routine. Then chaos can ensue.)

    Don’t worry about it. Just keep up the good work. (Pat, pat, pat.)

    • davidallen909

      Whatever you call it, I get the job done (whether it needs doing or not). The RoWs are posts people might still stumble upon from time to time, such as via Google, so they might as well look consistent. Plus, revisiting these restaurants shook me out of a mild lunchtime rut.

  • Stevie Dee’s has moved….they are at Archibald and Foothill N/E corner…

    • davidallen909

      They haven’t moved, they opened a second location. Original is still at 8th and Vineyard.