Preview of coming attractions

Friday’s column will be big. I know this because it was going to run Wednesday, as usual, but the editors held it to get more photos, which we weren’t able to accomplish on the fly Tuesday. It was too late then to write a substitute column, so you’re column-less today.

In the meantime, as a teaser, here’s a video¬†of Claudia Lennear that will accompany Friday’s column about her. (I like the part where I have to prompt her to brag.) Alas, “20 Feet From Stardom” was only playing last weekend — we shot the video Friday — but it’s available on DVD if you want to see it…

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  • Doug Evans

    That was fun! I’ve shared before how much I love the local-interest columns. Well, they’re all local interest, but specifically the ones highlighting people in the community we might not otherwise know about. Plus I know that Claudia Lennear has a Mt. SAC connection! Looking forward to Friday’s column!

    • davidallen909

      Thank you! Me too.

  • Bob House

    I thought I recognized Claudia Lennear’s name in your very brief mention of her in the previous column, so checked Wikipedia to refresh my memory. Only sloth kept me from writing to chastise you for not making a bigger deal of her. Can’t wait for Friday’s column!

    • davidallen909

      I had been trying to get an interview leading up to the Oscars but Mt. SAC was on break. So, I threw in that item for the day of the Oscars just to have it on the record. For all I knew, that might be my only chance. A few days later, back at work, she was given my message and phoned! Yes!!

      • Bob House

        Worth the wait. Nice job!

  • John Clifford

    And it’s page 1 above the fold. Well done.