In Pasadena a few weeks ago, I chuckled at Pizza Man’s sign, saw the possibilities and couldn’t resist a selfie that includes the relevant portion. And here the photo is today, my 50th birthday. I’m glad not only that I’m still around, but that I have it together enough to remember that I took the picture.

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  • Ramona

    Happy belated. Here’s to many more. (clink – Diet Pepsi – does that even work for a toast?)

    The best is yet to come.

    • davidallen909

      One hopes!

  • John Clifford

    Happy Natal Anniversary. Mine was a week back, but I’ve got a “few” years on you.

  • John Clifford

    In today’s column you asked what you can look forward to in your 50s.

    At 55 you can order off the back page of the Dennys menu
    Employers (should you find yourself in that position) will start to look at you as being too expensive and not likely to be around that long (this usually hits at about 55 but can come sooner)
    Younger people (in their 20s) will begin to call you sir.

    Enjoy the 50s. When you get to the next milestone, I’ll have a lot more for you. For me, I just reached the milestone that saw my roundtrip metrolink (which includes all transfers to subways and/or buses) ticket to downtown LA from North Pomona go from $18.50 to $9.50, better than your weekend rate–but on ANY weekday–Hooyah.

    • davidallen909

      That’s a discount for me to look forward to! (More so than the Dennys discount.) I wonder if there are any discounts for 50-year-olds? Probably not. Even 55 seems young to be getting a discount, but when the time comes I’ll take them.

  • Ramona

    The AARP will contact you about becoming a member. Benefits, discounts and other perks abound!