Your two cents: ‘Crummy’

This potential column item has languished for a couple of weeks, so I’ll use it here.

At the library telethon in Rancho Cucamonga, two readers introduced themselves separately and offered commentary. The first rushed up to meet me and said she’d wanted to make a point of doing so after reading that I would be there.

“Your columns are kind of funny, when I get it,” she said. I thanked her but felt a little bad if I’ve confused her.

Some time later, a second woman cheerfully nattered on for a while on various topics. At one point she said, “Where did you park?” Um, in the garage. Why? “I’d like to see your new car,” she said. Referring to my former car, a Toyota Corolla, she continued: “I once saw that crummy car you used to drive. I’m so glad you got rid of it.”

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  • Ramona

    You seem to be a “real” person, David. That means that folks are gonna say and do things when meeting you that they would never think of saying or doing when meeting – say – a movie or TV personality. You are local, keep us informed, give us a smile, and your sense of humor is kind and focused. It’s all good. But it means people are likely to be very “open” with their comments.

    I can’t imagine what off-the-wall comment I might make if I were fortunate enough to run into you.

    Didja show her your Mini?

    • davidallen909

      I’ve not exactly polished when meeting people whose work I like so when it’s happening to me I try to take everything in stride. These comments, especially coming only minutes apart, were funny enough to jot down later.

      The car-insulter was with a friend and they were both leaving, while I was still on the job (so to speak). I’m not sure it was a serious request: She was just being chatty and touched on probably six topics in our brief chat.

  • Bob House

    As long as you have opened the complaint line . . . it’s pretty obvious that we need more coverage on the missing Flight 370 and you haven’t even mentioned it. Yet you call yourself a journalist?

    (I never know if I need to add “jk” or “lol,” but now that you’re 50, you may not know either.)

    • davidallen909

      Who says I call myself a journalist? jk lol

      I’m unaware if people have been openly joking much about Flight 370, other than “Lost” comparisons, but I did see a tweet on Friday that read in full: “This flight is taking a long time.” Every time I think of that, I laugh.