Your two cents: ‘Crummy’

This potential column item has languished for a couple of weeks, so I’ll use it here.

At the library telethon in Rancho Cucamonga, two readers introduced themselves separately and offered commentary. The first rushed up to meet me and said she’d wanted to make a point of doing so after reading that I would be there.

“Your columns are kind of funny, when I get it,” she said. I thanked her but felt a little bad if I’ve confused her.

Some time later, a second woman cheerfully nattered on for a while on various topics. At one point she said, “Where did you park?” Um, in the garage. Why? “I’d like to see your new car,” she said. Referring to my former car, a Toyota Corolla, she continued: “I once saw that crummy car you used to drive. I’m so glad you got rid of it.”

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