Back from Austin

Vacation went well, thanks, and I hope to write about that soon (although two of my three columns this week are already committed to time-sensitive topics, so this might be tricky). In short, though, good food, some culture, a lot of walking, a lot of transit, a visit to the LBJ Presidential Library and a fascinating boat tour to watch the bats leave the Congress Avenue bridge at dusk.

What did I miss around here?

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  • DebB

    Recently, there’s been a TV commercial for Chase bank where Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is visiting Austin and goes to a BBQ place. The owner (?) spots him, invites him to view the cooker, taste the meat, and good times are had by all. After seeing your Tweet about waiting in line for three hours for Franklin’s BBQ, I saw that commercial again and realized it’s the same place.

    Glad you had a good time, too!

    And what’s all this about you no longer trying to please my parents?!

    • davidallen909

      Should I keep trying? Hope you didn’t mind the joke. It seemed like a good laugh line.

      Hey, cool that Franklin BBQ made it into a national commercial!

      • DebB

        I got a good giggle out of it, and a kick out of being quoted!

  • Theodore Melendez

    A former player from Etiwanda High School named Darren Collison and the Los Angeles Clippers offically clinched a playoff spot. #3. Yay!