• Bob Terry

    Avila is a loose cannon and I believe 82% of Ontario residents know that also but it was the ignorant 18% that voted him onto the council..even after he was damn near censured and kicked off the school board. And for his quote”there will be some changes coming”, I heard him say the exact same phrase to a Burrtec executive at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon last year. The Burrtec guy had to ask me who the “clown” was and I just told him that he was an upstanding elected city official…but then i sometimes fib a little.

    • davidallen909


  • SAWZ

    I went to the 7-11 to get my Sunday paper today, and learned the DB’s pay wall is not its only surprise. I let out a little shriek when the clerk announced I needed an extra 50 cents, because the DB just raised its price. I always take the exact amount, so I had to leave one of my Sunday newspapers behind, At least I got to read your column tonight–it looks like Ontario needs a mental health professional added to its staff.

    • davidallen909

      I didn’t know we’d raised the price, but as other Sunday papers are $2 or more, our $1 price was looking like a bargain.