Westmont Community Center mural, Pomona





While checking out the Westmont neighborhood of Pomona for a “Mod!” blog post, I spotted the Community Center, below, which has a certain flair to it. (It’s at 1808 W. Ninth St.) It was hard to photograph as it’s a long building, but perhaps some of the charm is visible.

On the center’s west wall was a surprising sight, a vibrant mural depicting young people playing music, dancing and painting. It’s titled “Using Your Imagination” and was painted by Pedro Pelayo in 1999. Above are two angled views, one head on (click for an expanded view) and one of the credit.

Nice work.


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  • DebB

    This is beautiful! I’ve never seen it before, but I guess I don’t spend much time in Westmont. Is the mural visible from the street?

    BTW, did anyone hear the clue about the city of Pomona on Jeopardy! last week? I think the category was “Gods” or something similar, and the clue had to do with the city being named for the goddess Pomona, considered the mother of a particular fruit. What is the apple, Alex?

    • davidallen909

      I had not heard that! And the mural isn’t really visible from the street, given the size of the park. You can see it from the parking lot, though.

  • R.E. Nunez

    Nice, by any chance Dave did you stop by the church across the street. That’s where Walter Knott had that little chapel built in honor of his father, who was a priest. And his father also use to preach at another church on Reservoir St. now it’s turned into apartments.

    • davidallen909

      See Tuesday’s blog post!