Mod! Westmont Estates


Westmont Estates is a 1950s subdivision in west Pomona south of Mission Boulevard and west of the 71 Freeway. The tract made the short list of Pomona Valley midcentury landmarks in Alan Hess’ book “Googie Redux.”

Attributing much of Westmont to architect Arthur Lawrence Millier, Hess wrote: “Millier, a local architect, designed these contemporary ranch houses and lived in one himself. Like other contemporary subdivisions, this one served employees of the nearby aerospace plant.” He was referring to General Dynamics.

Westmont was the subject of a 2005 column in my “Pomona A to Z” series.

Above is the home at 1827 W. 9th St., a typical example of the neighborhood’s modest ranch-style homes.

Below is Westmont United Methodist Church at 1781 W. 9th St. It was an overcast day, sorry, but you get the idea of the church’s neat architecture.


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  • Denise Pappas

    I like the style of the house but I REALLY, REALLY hate the “Tupperware”
    vinyl windows that are appearing on all the older homes. It really destroys the

    • davidallen909

      Windows may be the biggest battle that Pomona Heritage fights. There’s always new homeowners in Lincoln Park switching to modern windows. I don’t think Westmont is a historic district yet and nothing stops people from stuccoing their house or installing new windows.

  • calwatch

    It may be one of the few neighborhoods that has a significant amount of carports as opposed to garages. Apparently in the 50’s developers decided that since cars are self contained, they didn’t need to be enclosed on all sides. Ultimately they failed to recognize that most people use garages as storage space for things other than their car.

    • davidallen909

      Carports were likely a response to the snow-free California lifestyle (we don’t need to protect cars from the elements!) and part of the attraction of living here, and the minimalism is in keeping with the mod look. You’re right, though, human nature is to accumulate stuff and stash it.

  • Joanne Dallas

    These tracts were planned with affordability and livability in mind. I live in a Montclair “mod” house (c 1955) incorporating some case study design features. Okay…I will try to drive by the Post office in Chino and keep an open mind on its look. You are leading me to new levels of appreciation of this era.

    • davidallen909

      A better compliment I couldn’t ask for. Thanks, Joanne.

  • Bob Terry

    I spent many wild days and nights in Westmont in the late 60’s because the kids that lived there were bused to my junior high in Pomona, Fremont, and made some incredible friends. But then they all went to Ganesha High while I attended Garey so it was really hard to keep in touch. The guys in Westmont were cool and the girls were sweet…but no comparison to the Diamond Bar girls that were also bused in.