‘Shirtless bro’ gives IE a black eye


By now you’ve no doubt heard about the bare-chested, puppy-holding man in Rancho Cucamonga who, asked by a KTLA reporter at the Etiwanda Fire if he lived in the neighborhood, replied, “Wow, you’re super pretty. You want to go on a date sometime?” Reporter Courtney Friel reminded him he was live on the air.

The encounter went viral. As of Friday, the search phrase “shirtless bro KTLA” had more than 26,000 results. Here’s a good one from the NY Daily News, complete with the video, a must-watch. The video has 2.6 million views on YouTube and was featured on Yahoo’s home page (fitting since he’s the ultimate yahoo).

“Another proud moment for the Inland Empire,” I remarked on Facebook and Twitter.

“The guy has plenty of confidence,” Joe Pattison wrote on my Facebook page. “The puppy trick is a proven icebreaker.”

We journalists generally hate person-on-the-street interviews, as random people have little of interest to say, especially off the top of their head, but this one was clearly a worst-nightmare scenario. Friel was flustered, probably not by the man’s physique, but she recovered and later tweeted about the encounter, joking that the man must not have noticed her wedding ring.

She asked Twitter followers for guesses where the man might have offered to take her on a romantic outing. I suggested Fuddruckers; Jeff Trobaugh brought up Shakey’s bunch of lunch deal and others said Olive Garden.

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  • Bob Terry

    I say take her to the new 909 Pub & Grill with a coupon from Clipper Magazine.

    • davidallen909

      Hah! A couple of friends on Facebook are guessing Ontario Mills and, more specifically, Dave & Buster’s.

  • Joseph Dickson

    Taco Bell, I’m sure he’d take her to Taco Bell.

  • Jon Swearingen

    The 909 is full of ‘bros’ another third crawled under a fence at the border, now they call they I.E. home….

  • Brian D Buckley

    Ummm, have they even been to the IE? He actually Classed the place up for a brief moment!!!! HAHA!

  • Brandon Lytle

    Yeah, because going out on a date means you have to break your marriage vows. ¬_¬

  • Theodore Melendez

    Saw KTLA reporter Lu Parker doing a can food drive at a Stater Brothers by my house in Chino during Christmas and considered doing the same thing. Unfortunately i didn’t and getting rejected in front of 7 people proved to much to take. Maybe she will comeback next year.

    • davidallen909

      After she’s had Villaraigosa, would she settle for Melendez?