Column: Shirtless Bro: a clothes encounter with a 909 celeb


For Wednesday’s column, I found and scored an interview with Clay Narey, the Rancho Cucamonga man who asked out a KTLA reporter live on the air at the scene of the Etiwanda Fire. I didn’t know what to expect, but Narey had more depth than you would think based on the viral TV moment. (Then again, he would almost have to, wouldn’t he?)

After our interview, I had Narey drive me up to the scene of the TV encounter. He found it without much difficulty. He took off his shirt for a photo and donned the same cap he wore that day, with its logo that reads Fragile Ocean, a clothing brand.

We also shot a short video interview. He wanted his shirt on for that, and that was fine. Watch the 60-second video here.


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  • Fiona

    Good for him, a real gentleman.