Column: Town hall’s fate a metaphor for fractured Upland

Friday’s column is largely about Upland’s seeming inability to organize and hold a town hall meeting. There’s some pointed comments from those concerned, and I do a little editorializing. After that I squeeze in a couple of Culture Corner items (one’s about bowling) and a couple of Valley Vignettes.

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  • SAWZ

    I am evidently in my daily-bulletin probation period for May, so got in on your column there. With Montclair being bordered by five other cities, I always feel connected to the others, especially Upland, when they go through things like this–Ontario excepted. Montclair went through some similarly painful things 16 years ago and thought that an ad hoc committee to the council with appointees by every Councilperson, including certain city employees, was the answer. That committee gored everybody’s ox but their own. I think if the Council can’t do the job it was elected to do then its not qualified to do the job.

    • davidallen909

      Everyone (who’s not a subscriber) gets something like 25 free stories per month, I’m told, so be careful how many you click on if you want to read for free!

      • SAWZ

        I think there must be a difference between actually reading an article and making a click. I’m already finished for May–no way have I read 25 stories–have probably made hundreds of clicks. The paper is getting paid regardless–just like medical doctors–it doesn’t matter what the outcome of the treatment is–just that the patient walked through the door.