Restaurant of the Week: The Brick Market and Deli


The Brick Market and Deli, 105 E. Arrow Highway (at Garey), Pomona

Step inside the Brick, which opened in February, and you might not believe you’re in Pomona. It’s a convenience store stocked mostly with organic and specialty products. Quinoa, organic salt, wasabi peas, bottled root beer and Newman’s Own products fill the shelves. Paper and cleaning products are Seventh Generation brand. This might be the only place in Pomona where you can buy biscotti.

They also have beer, lottery tickets and candy bars. I mean, it is a convenience store. You can stray from the concept, but you have to have the basics. It’s also a deli, and a good one, with an array of hot and cold sandwiches, side salads, even cupcakes. (See the menu here.)

I’ve been in a couple of times. First time I had the roasted pork, which came on garlic rosemary sourdough with provolone, cole slaw and mayo, toasted, with a small Greek salad as my side ($9 as a combo with drink). Wow, what a sandwich. Delicious. The salad, recommended by the server, was basically marinated cucumbers with a little feta and didn’t do much for me. (They have a Coke Freestyle machine for those that love them.)

Next visit I got the sausage sandwich, which came on an Italian roll with monterey jalapeno cheese and grilled peppers and onions, this time with a fruit salad as my side ($8.50 as a combo with drink). Good, if not as satisfying as the pork, and the fruit cup had a nice variety.

The Brick has free wifi and they’re active on Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. They seem like a smart, sophisticated bunch, the kind of business you’d expect to find in Claremont and thus great to see in Pomona, even if the location, by fast food row, is a pleasant surprise. They seem to be making it work.

There is very limited seating inside, only one table on my first visit, with a second one added by my second. But there’s a cute patio out back, shaded by the building, with a view of the next-door drive-thru for Johnny’s Hamburgers. Nothing wrong with Johnny’s, but you’ll be glad you’re at the Brick.




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  • John Morris

    WOW – a link to “David Allen columns” under HOT TOPICS on the Daily Bulletin homepage. David Allen has hit the big time. All his fans should click early and click often!

    • davidallen909

      I asked about that the other day and was told it was kinda-sorta a mistake. (Anything involving me that seems like a high compliment turns out to be an error, I’m afraid.) But as long as it’s there, it’s cool!

  • DebB

    I have now tried all the hot sandwiches at The Brick, some more than once, and I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. But I especially love the Italian sausage and the grilled cheese. And the corned beef. And the pastrami. See what I mean?

    I’d never seen a Coke machine like that – it’s kinda magical! BTW, I think you meant garlic rosemary sourdough, one of my favorite breads ever.

    • davidallen909

      I’ll fix that — I took the description off the receipt, but, duh, “garlic rose sourdough” was obviously an abbreviation. Thanks for the encouragement via email to visit the Brick; while it was on my radar, the reinforcement got me there that weekend.

  • Paul Ochsner

    Is that where the old Wozyx and Zadys never was?

    • davidallen909

      Say what?

  • Paul Ochsner

    Sorry for the late reply but your reply ended up on a rarely used email account. Wozyx and Zadys was an upstart business at that location back in the 90’s I believe. They were trying to open during one of our economic downturns and although they had a sign up, I don’t think they ever opened for business. I don’t even know what type of business it was. Maybe one of your readers could elaborate further.