Column: RC deli man learns what’s good about goodbye


Above, Guido Sciortino makes a sandwich at his deli.

Sunday’s items column begins with an update on Guido Sciortino, who was inundated with customers after word got out that he was retiring. After that, I’ve got yet another “Mad Men” connection to the Inland Valley, this time in dialogue; news of two notable Pomona concerts; and a brief account of the Daily Bulletin’s team performance (in a word, lame) in last week’s Pomona Public Library Trivia Bee.

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  • Doug Evans

    Great column, as always, and I particularly liked the “David Allen writes…” tag at the end of this one!

    • davidallen909

      Thanks! I like wringing new variations out of that. (And I felt terrible when I read Friday’s column and realized that in the heat of deadline, I’d forgotten to put a joke there.)