’21 Things You Need to Know About Pomona Before You Move There’

The folks at the Movoto real estate blog have compiled the above-titled list, and despite what you might fear, the 21 items are all positive save one, and that’s about City Hall’s lame Twitter account, not the first negative about Pomona that usually comes to mind.

Compiler Sara Michelle clearly did her homework. If she doesn’t live here, she sure faked it well. She left out a few things (no Western University of Health Sciences?) but then again, she only had 21 entries. Nice work in a fond look at Pomona.

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  • R.E. Nunez

    The best blog. in Pomona

    • davidallen909

      How could they have overlooked you??

  • DebB

    Great list – I knew there was a reason (or 21) that I love it here! Personally, I would add Pomona First Baptist, the church I attend, whose staff and members are working hard to make Pomona and the surrounding communities even better places to live.

  • Years and years ago, I had the opportunity to dine at the restaurant operated by Cal Poly Pomona’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Wonderful dinner; I need to go back.

  • bellaluna220

    Finally a positive article about Pomona. I LOVE the historic neighborhoods there. Lincoln Park, Ganesha Hills, Yorba District etc. You can find classic Arts and Crafts, Mid-century modern, etc. with front porches and large yards, for quite a bit less than other communities. But if word gets out, that might change!

  • Bob Terry

    Nice to see my family’s legacy made #18. I would have added Casa Colina over Phillips Ranch. At onetime “The Ranch”, which locals never called it, was pretty special, but that glow has long since faded.

  • John Clifford

    Love the apostrophe before 21. Does this mean that it’s the 1921 things we need to know? Usually I see ’21 with an open single quote when they want the year, so this is quite the surprise.

    Sorry, the grammar geek in me came out again.

    • davidallen909

      I must’ve hit the caps key. Still, I wonder what 1921 things about Pomona people should know about before moving to town…?

  • Fred R. Van Allen

    Wonderful story by journalist David Allen. Pomona is a fascinating city with so many little gems to offer. I love Lincoln Park Pomona.