Column: ‘Pulp Fiction’ to offer adrenaline rush in Pomona

Friday’s column has news about a 20th anniversary (where does the time go?) screening of “Pulp Fiction” at the fairgrounds as well as about more outdoor screenings in Pomona this summer. I also offer some brief items from Chino and put in a plug for this blog; somehow I forgot to do that last week, so I’ve got two weeks of items to promote.

Candidly, I was going to devote one paragraph, maybe two, to “Pulp Fiction,” but then I overheard the editors saying this morning among themselves (based on my summary of the column, which was still in the works) that they were going to try to put the column on Page One due to the “Pulp Fiction” angle. So I extended the item so that none of us looked foolish.

“Pulp Fiction” fans will get the pun in the headline, right? If not, this clip will explain.

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