Jack White at the Fox


The ex-White Stripe performed Thursday night at the Pomona Fox, one of the highest-profile concerts the venue has seen. (Green Day, Morrissey and a few more were bigger.)

After a set by the Cold War Kids, White — looking stylish in a black and white checked suit and a fedora — rocked the house for nearly an hour with 11 songs, took a short break and then returned for another 40 minutes and nine songs. Here’s the setlist. Either this was a really long encore or a full second set.

White was energetic, jumping around the stage, playing a lot of lead guitar (and, on a couple of tunes, piano) and moving quickly from one song to the next. We ate it up. Here’s┬ámy colleague Wes Woods’ review, with a video.

An announcement before the old-school White came on asked that people “enjoy the moment” rather than take photos. This got a cheer of approval, surprisingly. Professional photos would be taken, posted on White’s website and available for download for anyone who wanted mementos, we were told. While some around me on the floor did take photos anyway, there were a lot fewer than is typical at a concert these days.

So, that explains the two high-quality images with this blog post. You can find more on White’s site.

White has performed three previous times in Pomona, all at the Glass House: with the Stripes in 2002 and 2005 and with another band, Dead Weather, in 2009. He made joking references to past appearances at one point. His fabulist spiel went something like this (I pulled out a piece of paper and pen about halfway through):

“In 1993 my band the Rabble Rousers played the Glass House. In 1995 I played the Glass House with my new band Jerry’s Kids. In 2001 I played the bar next to the Glass House with my band Deeper Purple. In 2003 we played Pomona again. But it was Pomona, Montana. It was a scheduling mishap. A promoter booked us on a tour from San Diego to Montana. We had 10 hours between gigs.”

Ha ha! What a kidder.


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  • DebB

    My brother and sister-in-law were visiting from San Jose last week, and happened to stay at the Comfort Inn on south Garey on Thursday night. Friday morning they were riding down the elevator to the complimentary breakfast, and a couple in their 40s-ish shared the elevator with them. Total strangers, but they started gushing about seeing Jack White the night before. Long into breakfast, they shared about coming from Santa Barbara to see him, how much they enjoyed the concert, and on and on. I guess he must have been really good!!

    • davidallen909

      Nice — tourists in Pomona, and they had a good time. (I thought you were going to say the couple included Jack White, and what a sweet fellow he was!)

  • John Clifford

    Oh, you didn’t include the references to the history of the Pomona Fox, where, according to White, Lon Chaney said to Lon Chaney Jr., “Get a Job” and where Jackie Coogan starred as “The Kid” to which White said, “Grow up.” I was hoping you were taking notes because I missed the first couple. One about houdini and the other something about the cafe at the front of the Fox???

    A great concert. And, uh, Deb, I’m in my 60s-ish.

    • davidallen909

      Oh yeah, I forgot about that! I missed the first few words and wasn’t absolutely sure he was talking about the Fox, although I suppose he was (even if he was making it up). He said it was the site where Houdini died (I think), and where Lon Chaney Sr. told Lon Chaney Jr. “get a job,” and where Chaplin told Jackie Coogan in “The Kid,” “grow up.” I think that was all. Good lines, good timing.

      • John Clifford

        There was also something about the cafe up front and soup, but the noise level made it hard for these aging ears.

    • DebB

      So am I, John! I didn’t mean to imply anything by mentioning the couple’s age – it was just my brother’s observation. Sorry if it sounded otherwise!

      • John Clifford

        No offense taken. Just pointing out that he seems to appeal to a wide age range.