‘A potty mouth mayor’

That was the headline on the lead letter in today’s LA Times letters section. The letter reads:

“My young children and I watched the televised rally Monday celebrating the L.A. Kings’ Stanley Cup victory, while my husband and older children attended at Staples Center.

“What a surprise when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stood to congratulate the Kings and fans and quipped that a politician shouldn’t be heard swearing, but then proceeded to use the worst of all obscenities. How appalling that a leader in a position to positively influence a community would feel it appropriate to resort to such degrading language on a national stage.

“Language should be uplifting and clean. To resort to obscenities signals a weak mind incapable of expressing intelligent thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways.

“Mayor Garcetti, please refrain from making any statements publicly if you cannot control your potty mouth. My children are listening.”

Stinging — and I reproduce it here because the writer is Julie Bourgeous of Fontana.


While I don’t entirely agree with her, I still think it’s awesome that the leader of America’s second-largest city was upbraided for boorish behavior by someone from the sticks.

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  • Joanne Dallas

    She seems a bit harsh on the mayor. Now she has an opportunity to talk to her kids about appropriate behavior. Maybe Garcetti has opened a new level of parental discussion. I can certainly think of worse things a mayor can do.

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    Fair enough.
    unimaginative minds
    certainly don’t have the
    knowledge nor vocabulary that
    offended Kings
    fans from
    fontana expect.
    I’d expect better from
    television especially since
    children were watching at
    home and in person.