‘Seinfeld’ character’s new business ventures?


The “Seinfeld” mini-reunion commercial at the Super Bowl only had Jerry, George and Newman. I can’t speak to Elaine’s whereabouts, but Cosmo Kramer seems to have relocated to the Inland Valley, based on the names of a dry cleaner in Claremont and a masonry supply in Upland.

kramer hat 001

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  • John Clifford

    I just had the opportunity to buy something from Kramer’s in Upland. However, didn’t see Cosmo anywhere.

    • davidallen909

      He was probably in the back with his friend Bob Sakamano.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    Cosmo had a “factory” in Berkeley in the 1960s, which attained national prominence, and a slice of my record collection, in 1970.

    That Cosmo was AKA Doug Clifford.


    • davidallen909

      I’ve heard of that “factory.” It was up around the bend — at least, if you were lookin’ out my back door.

  • Bob Terry

    Kramer’s Masonry installed our beautiful stone fireplace about 8 years ago, I kept going in there looking for Babs. Maybe close to Cosmo Cleaner a business will open up and become House of Beefarino…giddy up!

    • davidallen909

      “We can’t breathe back here!”