Column: Mandolins, muffins: Just another day in Claremont

Friday’s column is partly about a “Good Day L.A.” segment Tuesday on the Claremont Village that was charming, if a little overdone. You might get more sugar shock from the coverage than from Some Crust. After that: news items from Upland and the cultural scene, and a promo for this blog. If you’ve read my blog this week, my summary of the biggest news is kind of an inside joke for your benefit.

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  • Bob Terry

    I’m glad the TV people turned north onto Indian Hill from the 10 instead of south. I’m really surprised that The People’s Republic of Claremont hasn’t deeded everything south of San Jose Ave. to Pomona…but then they would lose the tax revenue from the Claremont Auto Center…with only 1 dealership. Where’s the trolley and the round-about when you really need it?

    • davidallen909

      Good Day LA would only have noticed the trolley if it had rumbled up the half-block of Claremont they saw.