Column: Dunn lands job as manager of Upland’s airport

Wednesday’s column breaks some news, at least for those who follow municipal doings. Cable Airport has a new manager, and it’s Upland’s newly ‘retired” ex-city manager. Did not see that coming.

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  • Bob Terry

    Well, at least he’s “Keepin’ It In Upland”, possible new city slogan. Maybe he can moonlight and open up a nanny screening center, too. Can’t wait until the next city council/mayor elections.

  • R.E. Nunez

    So I take it (Waite for it) it’s a Dunn Deal.

    • davidallen909

      I regret never using this as a headline: “Stick a fork in him, he’s Dunn.”

  • Becker0109

    Stephen Dunn returned a telephone call to me the last full week he was our City Manager even though he was busy with Martin Lomeli. Mr Dunn seemed very professional and was well suited to his City Manager position. The city council needs to stop micromanaging things they know very little about.
    David, you did use the headline “Is Dunn Done?”

    • davidallen909

      I did use that, so I didn’t totally fall down on the Dunn-pun job.

      • Becker0109

        David, you never fall down. Actually, your writing lifts me up!!