‘Too bready’: Restaurant of the Week descriptions


Rather than give you a Restaurant of the Week right before a holiday weekend, here’s something Restaurant of the Week-related that I’ve meant to share for weeks now.

My friend Pam Arterburn gave me a silly but thoughtful homemade gift back in March for my birthday: She power-read her way through all my past restaurant blog posts and compiled her favorite descriptions or observations into a poster. Ha ha! (Click on the image for a larger view.)

You can judge for yourselves what the phrases add up to, but she said she was struck by how low-key and middle of the road they were, and so was I. With a couple of bolder exceptions (“excellent,” “amazing”) they stake out very modest territory. What can I say, I don’t feel qualified to write these restaurant posts anyway, so why go out on a limb?

Before you ask, she placed Bieber stickers on the poster because I’m a superstar. Obviously.

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  • Cliff Hutson

    All of your reviews are above average.

    • davidallen909

      Just like the children of Lake Wobegon! Thank you, Cliff.

  • Joanne Dallas

    Your reviews seem honest to me. Too many superlatives make me suspicious.

    • davidallen909

      We share a skepticism of enthusiasm.

  • Bob House

    No surprise from a restaurant rater who said in 2008, “A tuna melt is my baseline sandwich.” Laughed then, laughed now, but it is somehow a very sensible approach for a food maven. Stay hungry my friend.

    • davidallen909

      Ha! You are The World’s Most Interesting Blog Commenter. Coincidentally enough, I just had a tuna melt, the first in a month, and returned from lunch to read your comment.

  • Bob Terry

    I wish you could have thrown in for good measure ” too fruity” in one of your reviews. Great job, Pam!

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I appreciate that you are the only pro or semi-pro mediocre restaurant reviewer I know of in this area. Also the only average one, but you have company as an above average one.

    The quality ratings apply to the restaurants, of course. Like others, I am suspicious of those who have little to offer other than praise. So, I think you might be the best we have. You have some interesting reviewers in your links section, too.

    • davidallen909

      Thanks, Richard. Even if I err on the side of kindness, I try to give an honest picture of a place and an experience. It’s your money just like it’s my money. Glad you approve.