Column: ‘Pomona A to Z’ now in convenient book form

Sunday’s column has my first mention in print (i.e., not on my blog) of my upcoming book, “Pomona A to Z,” and details about the launch party this Friday. And there’s an awesome photo.

I had originally figured I would write a whole column about my book, but modesty got the best of me. Instead, the column continues with four Ontario items and five Culture Corner items, as well as a plug for this blog.

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  • DebB

    I hope the launch party went well – I’m sure there were a lot of people there! I’ve got the Aug 9 date on my calendar, and will look for details to come.

  • John Clifford

    As I’m sure David will point out, the launch party hasn’t happened yet. It’s this coming Friday, July 18 at DPOA in downtown Pomona. Hope you can make it.

    • davidallen909

      Who needs me to point it out when you’re there pitching in! Thanks, John.

    • DebB

      Oops! Just back from vacation and reading old emails and other stuff, so I assumed this was last week. I’ll try to be there!