Column: Dispute drives cuts to late-night Metrolink trains

Starting Oct. 1, the last weekday Metrolink train from L.A. back to San Bernardino will leave at 9:30 p.m. because the 11 p.m. train will be axed. Three other weekday trains will also be cut to save money. Naturally this is a near-and-dear issue to yours truly. Wednesday’s column explains the whys and wherefores.

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  • SAWZ

    We recreational users will survive! I feel sorry for those that work in LA and have their schedules based around getting to and from by Metrolink, and will be affected by this change. It is pretty dangerous out there on those freeways, especially after dark. (I don’t feel too warmly toward SANbag for their decision on this issue.)

  • SAWZ

    Last night I went in to CalPlaza for the first time this summer. I was not aware of the fare revisions–Metrolink is using a new formula to determine the fare at each, respective, station. The material I read says that, in some cases, fares increased and in others they decreased. My senior round-trip fare from Claremont decreased by 50 cents, from $9.50 to $9.00. I ate at Phillipe’s and saw Grand Performances’s biggest show of the year (the fund raiser is usually that) performed by a Grammy award-winning latin band Quetzal. My total cost for my subsidized Metrolink trip including dinner and tips at Phillipe’s and $2 donation at the show was $21.23. I know if I were able to give those figures to a couple “grinch” commenters on the Sun’s article about Metrolink, their heads would explode. Fortunately for them, I hit the Sun’s paywall yesterday.

    A late announcment that I saw in the LA Downtown News: The cast of, “We will Rock You”, will perform a noon-time show at CalPlaza on Wed. July 30.

    • davidallen909

      With that kind of pricing I’m looking forward to senior status!

      • SAWZ

        No! No! Hang onto youth as long as you can–its worth the extra cost.