Restaurant of the Week: Cannataro’s


Cannataro’s, 12345 Mountain Ave. (at 60), Chino

Cannataro’s is a family owned Italian restaurant and one of the better-known eateries in Chino. That’s why, when friends and I were brainstorming a Chino place to meet at, Cannataro’s came up immediately as one we were curious about.

Located in a small shopping center on Mountain Avenue just below the 60 Freeway, Cannataro’s isn’t exactly in a Tuscan glade, but on the other hand it’s easy enough to find. The interior is casual and unpretentious. Apparently it was updated not long ago. The menu has pasta, seafood, chicken, veal and steak, sandwiches, calzones and pizzas. Entrees range from $7 to $17 and pizzas from $7 to $22.

We got our own entrees: pasta primavera ($12), pasta Cannataro’s ($12), a small Hawaiian pizza ($12, below) and an antipasto salad ($9, bottom). Two got Italian sodas ($3), vanilla and coconut, which they liked.

Reactions from those who ordered the dishes: The pasta primavera “needed salt.” (Luckily, this unusual seasoning could be found inches away.) The ham and pineapple pizza, whose right to exist was vigorously debated at our table, was nevertheless said to be “delicious.” The salad was “fantastic.” My pasta Cannataro’s (chicken breast in olive oil with basil and sundried tomatoes in penna pasta) was okay, but bland. I wouldn’t order it again.

Overall, we were satisfied, but unexcited. It’s worth mentioning too that the service was a little friendlier and more personal than the norm. Reviews on Yelp are all over the place: Cannataro’s gets 4 stars out of 5, but a lot of people are at one end or the other.




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  • Bob House

    Pineapple on a pizza?!?!! Oh, the humanity. I–I’m going to step inside where I cannot see it. Ah, ah—I can’t. I, listen, folks, I–I’m gonna have to stop for a minute because I’ve lost my voice. This is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    • SAWZ

      The food pictured looks scrumptious! Pineapple is my favorite pizza topping–I would exchange the ham for mushrooms.

    • davidallen909

      Sounds like it must be a quote from somewhere, but Google isn’t turning it up.

      • Bob House

        In case you’re not kidding, here’s a clue — think of a huge gas bag (not Rush Limbaugh) exploding.

        • davidallen909

          Y’know, any audio I’ve heard of that broadcast ENDS with “Oh, the humanity,” so I didn’t even make the connection. I thought your quote was from Lebowski or some other modern comedy that was riffing on that phrase!

          • Bob House

            I’ve heard it the same way, but for blog authenticity I went to the transcript on Wikipedia, but edited out a few lines/phrases. Always proper to assume I’m quoting the cinema masterpiece though.