No. 10 with a bullet


“Pomona A to Z” is on an end-cap display at Rhino Records (235 Yale Ave., Claremont) right when you walk in, my book placed between Led Zeppelin vinyl reissues and Morrissey’s new album. This is such a thrill, I’ve gone in twice just to admire my end-cap. As of Sunday, Rhino had sold four copies of my book, enough to put me at No. 10 in sales for the week. Morrissey was No. 1.

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  • DebB

    Wow – next to Led Zep – congratulations! How did the signing go last weekend? I was sorry to miss it, but I’ll be looking for details on the Aug 9 signing. Did you get hand cramps from signing so many books?

    • davidallen909

      I signed a lot of books but avoided hand cramps. Look for a report here soon on the signing — photos were emailed to me today.

  • Bob Terry

    I would have preferred next to The Kinks, but God Bless Rhino for the end cap, that’s huge in the marketing/promotions world. Man, what’s Olney going to do now? Name a street, a park, a grain silo after their local “boy-made-good?”

    • davidallen909

      Oooh, a grain silo.