Column: Remembering Richard Sather, Pomona’s first casualty of Vietnam

Sunday’s column is about a Navy pilot from Pomona who died 50 years ago Tuesday during a retaliatory air strike for the Gulf of Tonkin skirmish. Researching it was a learning experience: I’d heard of the Gulf of Tonkin incident and resolution but didn’t know much about them. Anyway, it seemed worthwhile to remember Dick Sather a half-century after his death, and I hope you’ll agree.

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  • John Clifford

    Excellent column.

    • Denise Pappas

      Agreed, very nice.

      • davidallen909

        Thank you to you both.

  • DebB

    Most of us who lived through that time have mixed feelings about Vietnam and the war. But whatever we think about that, it’s good to remember the people involved and the sacrifices they and their families made. Thanks for a great story that brought tears to my eyes.

    • davidallen909

      Tears? Gosh. Thanks, Deb.

  • Bob Terry

    As a Pomona boy, I missed the draft by one year and was very worried about serving, even though my father survived the Marine invasions of Saipan, Tinian & Tarawa…which he never, ever spoke about. I still have my bracelet that I sent away for in ’71 or ’72 and it shows “my” M.I.A., Maj. William Brashear 5-8-69. And now, as the father of a Navy Corpsman with 5 tours of duty under his belt, then anytime I can read a “feel good” story about our nation’s heroes, then all I can say is “great job, Dave.”