Column: Taping together the pieces of Watergate, 40 years later

Today marks 40 years since President Nixon announced on live TV that he would step down the next day. I write in Friday’s column about my understanding of Watergate as a child through TV and comics, and what I learned about it this summer through research. You’re encouraged to contribute your own perspective, then and now.

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  • Bob Terry

    As a combo hippie-surfer guy in the late 60’s early 70’s, I hated Nixon even though we share the same birthday ( Jan 9 ), along with Gilligan, Joan Baez, Crystal Gayle, Dave Matthews and Sergio Garcia…just to name a few. Then when I was a Sparkletts Man in the late 70’s, I delivered water in Whittier to his first law secretary, Evelyn Dorn. She was a peach and basically made me change teams. I still have a gold plated shamrock that she gave me when I bought my first house in 1978 that is hung above the front door for good luck…even after three wives.

    • davidallen909

      His secretary sounds more likable and persuasive than her former boss.