Claremont Courier writes up ‘Pomona A to Z,’ me

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I was surprised when the Courier put my April 9 talk at Rhino Records in its calendar of events — in which I was described for the first time in my life as “reporter and author” — because, after all, we are competitors. It’s a friendly rivalry, though, and the Courier is mentioned in my column now and then. Also, I’m a subscriber and live in town.

I was even more surprised when a reporter and photographer from the paper showed up to my talk. You mean I’m getting actual coverage? I was. The reporter later interviewed me by phone and the whole thing turned into a two-page spread, with two photos, in the Courier’s Friday issue. Gosh!

Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation, and even a journalist friend of many years said she wasn’t sure she could have written a better story about me. So, my gratitude to reporter Sarah Torribio and photo intern Helen Arase. I got a kick out of the whole experience, including seeing a couple of my cracks during my talk making print, and being “Mr. Allen,” in the Courier’s New York Times-style of respectful address.

The Courier wisely doesn’t give away its product for free online, so I can’t link to the story, but I photographed the two pages; click on the photos for a readable view. The issue is on sale at news racks through Thursday.

* Update: Turns out the story can be found online here.

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  • Ramona

    Congrats! Does this fame mean you’re gonna start charging for autographs and photos?

    • davidallen909

      Not a chance. This hasn’t gone to my head. I’ll still wave to the little people as they go past.

  • If you write a book called Claremont A to Z, the Courier will probably devote 26 straight issues to it.

    • davidallen909

      Good marketing idea!

  • DebB

    Very nice article! I enjoyed meeting you and hearing you read that afternoon. I’ve been reading your book to my mom on my visits to her retirement community. She had a stroke which affected her memory and leaves her somewhat confused. But she likes hearing me read, and she seems to laugh in the appropriate places, so I’d say we’re both enjoying your book! Plus I’m learning a lot about my city!

    BTW, in your alternates for H you mention the horse racing at the LA County Fair, a tradition since 1933. Unfortunately, I read recently that this will be the final year for that tradition, as the CA Horse Racing Board is moving the Fair race meet to Los Alamitos.

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, another one bites the dust. That change took place too late to include in the introductory update. But I’m glad to hear you and your mom are both enjoying my book!

  • SAWZ

    Congrats David! The Courier is a nice publication for the residents, especially, since you are one. Local town boy doing good!

    I think the Courier started the whole pay-wall thing, which I don’t agree that such policy is wise. I always read the Courier for news about the school activities, since my grandchildren were in those schools. Now if it weren’t for the pay-wall I would have seen the article featuring the now, locally famous reporter-author.

  • Steve Morris

    Too bad you didn’t try to do something like this for Upland. You could have just stuck to vowels, forget the consonants, and been out one-two-three with time to spare for beers and art galleries in downtown Claremont.

    • davidallen909

      A, E, I, O, U and out? You’re right, that would free up a lot of time, although it would make for an awfully slim book.