Column: Berryman and Nelson: They were Eds of the class

Wednesday’s column bids farewell to actor Ed Nelson and Chaffey High icon Ed Berryman, both of whom died recently. Also, I plug my next book talk, and I briefly recount my vacation activities.

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  • SAWZ

    I can’t read the column but it is with a little sadness that I see your report that Ed Nelson passed. I’m sure that he was up there in age. I remember that he was a heartthrob on Peyton Place. He lived in Pomona. I vaguely also remember reading that he drove a cab in Pomona when he was a struggling actor. I used to attend Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Montclair–I was attending mass on a Sunday night, during the Peyton Place era, and Ed Nelson walked in with one of his children. I just gulped and looked–I don’t even remember where he sat, but it was exciting to look up and see a celebrity standing right next to me. (My husband and I had a similar experience during the Bob Newhart series, era–we were eating at the Jolly Roger Restaurant at the Montclair Plaza and when we looked up, there was Marcia Wallace, Bob’s TV office receptionist, standing at the register with a friend. She also just died recently.)

  • Denise Pappas

    I also “met” Ed Nelson in 1979. My husband and I were
    flying back from Mardis Gras. We went to get our luggage when we noticed at
    least a dozen crawfish gleefully roaming over the luggage carousel. It seems
    Mr. Nelson had been on the same flight and was trying to bring home some
    dinner. He was standing next to me, dumbfounded, and holding a half empty ice
    chest. I don’t know how they finally corralled them. I’m sorry to hear of his

    • davidallen909

      OK, that was an unexpected Ed Nelson anecdote. Was this at ONT, Denise? Or LAX?

      • Denise Pappas

        LAX, I heard later that he had been visiting one of his kids who was attending school in New Orleans. I can’t think of him without seeing crawfish, LOL.

  • Bob Terry

    My late father and Ed Nelson were occasional golf buddies in the 60’s at Los Serranos in Chino, now Chino Hills. It was owned by the tennis great Jack Kramer and my father used to organize a celebrity tournament for him. That’s where I met James Garner, Richard Crenna, Johnny Weismuller, Jim Davis(aka Jock Ewing), Richard Long, Alan Ladd Jr(Skipper) and my dad sent gas money in the mail so Clint Eastwood would come and play. Only Clint is still with us, so that generation is really fading fast. Even Garner, Crenna and Nelson showed up in different years to help open little league season at Ralph Welch Park for Southwest Little League. I can still smell the gas from the brick foundry across the street.

    • John Clifford

      I think you meant Alan Hale, Jr. (Skipper). Alan Ladd Jr. was a producer.

  • Bob Terry

    Thank You, John…how could I forget that. I just looked at the picture I have of him from 1962 and he is wearing a god-awful Hawaiian shirt…black slacks…black socks…and white flip flops. I’m sure the flip flops were after golf.