Restaurant of the Week: Guppy House



Guppy House, 13065 Peyton Drive (at Rock Springs), Chino Hills

Guppy House is a cute name for a restaurant, reminding me of Cap’n Crunch’s ship, the SS Guppy. Guppy House is an Asian fusion eatery with outlets in Hacienda Heights, Cerritos, Anaheim and Irvine, plus Chino Hills. They were founded by David Li, a Cal Poly Pomona alumnus. He’s Taiwanese and his parents owned a French-Italian restaurant in Taiwan, so he knows a little about cross-cultural cuisine.

Chino Hills’ Guppy House is in a sprawling shopping center just paces from two other Asian eateries, Boiling Point and Green Banana Leaf, and not far from 85 Degrees. Guppy House’s menu melds Filipino, Korean and Taiwanese food and has such items as hot pots, kimchi, noodle and rice dishes, and boba drinks.

A friend and I met there for lunch recently. We had a signature item, popcorn chicken, with strawberry and mango salad ($10). The chicken, reminiscent of popcorn shrimp at Red Lobster, didn’t live up to the hype; the salad was colorful and well-made. We also had a dish named superb meatballs ($10), two enormous meatballs in a hot pot with cabbage and noodles, which was flavorful.

For dessert we shared the brick toast, another signature item, with coconut and pineapple ($6). Thick toast drizzled with chocolate, it was a knife and fork dessert and surprisingly delicious and filling.

The restaurant has a glassed-in patio with comfortable chairs, probably good on a warm evening but not so good on a hot day as there’s no shade. The interior is modern and stylish with lots of glass and natural light, plants, fake parrots and a high ceiling. A mezzanine has a TV and living room-like comfy chairs and coffee tables; it seems to be more for drinks or parties.

Guppy House has unusually late hours: It’s open 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday to Thursday and until 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Like the name, the hours are adorable too.




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  • Joanne Dallas

    This looks airy and attractive. The late hours are a plus, too. More reason to travel to Chino Hills.

    • davidallen909

      “Airy and attractive” is a good description.

  • JamesFlagg

    Also in the same row of shops is a Thai eatery and a seafood spot called Crabby Corner that have received pretty good Yelp feedback; and just across the parking lot next to the CVS is another new place called Green Island…..Additionally, the shopping center just down the street features no less than 5 Asian-themed eateries plus fresh food from the 99 Ranch Market. Chino Hills seems to have become the go-to location for Pacific Rim cuisine….

    • davidallen909

      You know your CHills Asian eateries, James. (And there are oodles of them.) I forgot about Crabby Corner and didn’t know about Green Island, and of the five (six with 99 Ranch) next door, I’ve only been to Good Time and 85 Degrees. Clearly there’s more exploring to do.

      • calwatch

        You should try Home Cooking (which has a completely different translation in Chinese, of course) at the 99 Ranch center.

        • davidallen909

          It’s been added to my list, thanks.