Restaurant of the Week: Pozzetto Italian Dining


Pozzetto Italian Dining, 114 W. Bonita Ave. (at San Dimas Ave.), San Dimas

A friend recommended Pozzetto, an Italian restaurant in downtown San Dimas. I know and like the main drag of San Dimas, but I didn’t know Pozzetto. So recently I met a different friend there for lunch.

Pozzetto is small but cute, with a couple of outdoor tables along the wooden-sidewalk promenade and a few more inside. There’s also a wine bar and a mural of Venice sprawling across much of a wall. Pozzetto has all sorts of Italian items — salads, sandwiches, a dozen pastas — with only five pizzas.

I got one of the pizzas, whose name I forgot and which I can’t find online. All are Neapolitan style, a more traditionally Italian pizza; mine had tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella and garlic ($10). It was a good lunch-sized pizza and I ate it all.

My friend had a roast beef sandwich ($7.50), served warm on a roll. He liked it and shared a portion with me. I’m not a big roast beef fan but I would consider ordering this sandwich myself.

Service was brisk; the lone server was handling about five tables by himself, but he did the best he could.

All in all, Pozzetto was a pretty decent mid-priced Italian spot. Thanks to my first friend for the recommendation and my second friend for joining me.




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  • Joanne Dallas

    I remember passing this place on bike rides to Roady’s for breakfast. You’ve inspired me to return to San Dimas and try it out. As to decor, I thought there were plans to redo wooden sidewalks in town. ( I’m not sure sidewalks are decor.)

    Lots of ethnicity in restaurants around here, but no kosher deli that I know of. Pomona, Upland, and Glendora closed out years ago. Am I missing something?

    • davidallen909

      What about Kara’s Korner in Glendora? I’ve heard about it but haven’t been. I’m told that’s the only one in the region.

      As for the sidewalks, I believe they will be replaced, but I forget the details; maybe it’s only after more of the faux-Western facades are removed/replaced by the property owners.

      • Joanne Dallas

        Thanks, David. I’ll have get to Glendora where the sidewalks are cement.

      • Joanne Dallas

        We made it to Kara’s Korner for a late Saturday lunch. My friend had borscht and blintzes (eaten separately) while I alliteratively ordered brisket. We brought bread pudding home. Thanks for helping us indulge.

        • davidallen909

          You’re welcome. Glad to hear Kara’s Korner was worth the trip.

  • Jack Singh

    Thanks a lot for the review Mr. Allen. We’re always appreciative of any insight on how to better ourselves. And just for the curious, the name of the pictured pizza is a “Contadina”.

    • davidallen909

      Contadina, that’s it!