Column: In Ontario, ‘White Zombie’ actress was a bundle of energy

Friday’s column is about the screening in Upland of “White Zombie,” which served as a tribute to actress Madge Bellamy, who spent her later years in Ontario and died in Upland. Also, two unusual 909 sightings in the national media and a plug for Claremont’s Village Venture, which takes place Saturday. I’ll be selling books from 11 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of Rhino Records.

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  • Bob House

    “Claremont A to Z”? I’ve already placed a pre-order on Amazon. I would imagine that, if you solicited suggestions from your legion of readers, you’d have the tome outlined in 2 days. Put on your Nikes and Just Do It.

    • davidallen909

      When I spoke at Rhino in August, one person suggested a Claremont A to Z. Another wanted an Ontario A to Z. Just as far as coming up with ideas for each letter, both cities would work. Thankfully no one is clamoring for a Montclair A to Z.

      • SAWZ

        I would buy Montclair A to Z. Perhaps you could be the first one to set the record straight on the name of Montclair’s first Librarian, and the mythical Montclair flood.

  • DebB

    I wondered if we might see you at the Village Venture. I go every year and exhaust myself, but I come home with several Christmas gifts and a big bag of kettle corn! I’ll say “Hi!” if I see you (not surrounded by adoring fans).