Village Venture 2014

For Village Venture, the popular crafts fair and street festival that took place Saturday in Claremont, I arranged to sell “Pomona A to Z” in the parking lot of Rhino Records, right by the sidewalk to catch foot traffic. As promised in print, I showed up at 11 a.m.

It got off to a good start when a woman with a walker approached to say she’d been waiting since 9. (She had left and come back, thankfully.) “I couldn’t remember when you said you’d be here,” she admitted.

Over the next hour, I sold four books. Might have been more if I were the type to shout toward passersby, “Pomona in 26 letters! Get-cher copies of ‘Pomona A to Z’ right cheer! Meet the author!” Instead, I sat quietly and read an H.P. Lovecraft book.

A few readers approached during that time just to say hello. One said her husband had bought a copy the day before from the shop Heirloom. One woman, whom I don’t recall ever meeting, remarked, “You’ve lost weight.”

Another walked up with a friend in tow. “I love you to death,” the woman said. She talked about how she enjoys my column and how much better she likes the Bulletin than the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, because as a Pomona resident, the Bulletin has more news of interest to her.

I gestured toward my book and said leadingly, “Pomona…?” “I’m short on cash,” she said (without asking how much it was) and quickly left. That’s okay. My book’s target demographic is people who only tolerate me.

I can’t complain about selling five: I left with $100 in my pocket, pretty good for an hour’s work. And it was nice to meet everyone. Even the odd encounters were entertaining.

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  • DebB

    So sorry I missed you! By the time I got over to Yale, it was about 12:30. I tried to keep an eye out while I was walking around during the afternoon, but didn’t see you.

    I didn’t notice as many kiddies with costumes as in past years, but there were plenty of dogs, some in costume! I even saw a couple ladies with cats on leashes. I did manage to spend a good amount of my mom’s money (I do her Christmas shopping for her), and as promised I went home exhausted, with a bag of kettle corn…mmm

  • Becker0109

    David, how can I purchase your book with a signed autograph? It seems that every time I see an event it has passed. Thanks.

  • Becker0109

    David, I bought “Pomona A to Z” on Amazon and I really enjoyed it. Your book also answered a question that I’ve asked my wife for years because she’s a Pomona native. From 1971 to about 1982 we went to a Mexican Restaurant on Indian Hill but I could not remember the name. Page 217 of your book gave me the name…”X is for Xoch….” Thanks, David.