Restaurant of the Week: Taqueria Guadalupana


Taqueria Guadalupana, 820 E. Mission Blvd. (at Towne), Pomona

I was on foot at Towne and Second one recent evening looking for a place to eat. This proved more difficult than expected, as Los Jarritos was closed and Nancy’s Tortilleria, also on that corner, was closing. I’d left my car in the garage at Western U figuring I could find grub nearby. But I pressed on on foot, knowing Mission Boulevard three blocks south would have a few options.

And it did. I opted for a place on the southeast corner: Taqueria Guadalupana. The broad windows and brightly lighted interior were friendly and welcoming. It’s a small place with a limited menu of tacos, burritos and tortas with seven meat choices: cabeza, al pastor, asada, lengua, buche, chorizo and pollo. I suppose I should try tongue, brains or cheek someday, but not yet: I went for al pastor (marinated pork) in burrito form ($5.50). With a medium jamaica drink ($1.25), dinner was $7.36 with tax.

Decor is limited and so is the seating, although it feels expansive compared to Tijuana’s Tacos. I sat at a communal booth, in view of the open kitchen, a telenovela playing on the TV and a Virgin of Guadalupe mural on one wall. The burrito was very good, warming the stomach and the soul.

The menu is slightly broader than I indicated: They have menudo on weekends and something called carne en su jugo, which turns out to be a beef and tomato stew. Might be good on a cold night.

On my way out, I noticed another Mexican spot on the northeast corner. The sign was dim but the name was Taqueria la Oaxaquena. A sign out front touted 60-cent tacos on Tuesdays, which this day was. Oh well. I can always go back. For tonight, I was glad to have found Taqueria Guadalupana.




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  • Joanne Dallas

    Food and religious decor….it sounds authentic. This may remind you of your vacation in Mexico some time back.

    • davidallen909

      I suppose it did.

  • Bob Terry

    Across the corner on the southwest side of the street used to be a Tastee Freeze where sometimes my Mom and I would stop to pick up lunch for my Dad and deliver it to him at Pomona Tile. The last time I drove past it, it looked like new owners were getting ready to open up a BBQ place. Have you noticed it as you cruise through Pomona?

    • davidallen909

      I noticed it that night, and I think it’s open, but (recollection) it seemed to be a hybrid of several types of food, like BBQ and tacos and Chinese, or something, and I mentally crossed it off my list.

      • calwatch

        The old Tastee Freeze, yes.

  • Bob Terry

    Good thing you didn’t cross Dragon Loco off your list…I just wish there was one closer to Altacucawanda.