Favorite music of 2014

Does anyone still buy CDs? Some of us do. You can find my Top 10 CDs of the year — my Top 15, actually, as I added five runnerups — at our IE Music Now blog, along with the picks of my newsroom colleagues Liset Marquez and Wes Woods, both of whom are hipper than me (even though they still buy CDs too).

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  • SAWZ

    I have so many CD’s now with my favorite vocalists that there is no need to get more unless one of them comes out with something collasal. I have just about everything that was ever put out by Queen/Freddie Mercury–its a shame that they or their agents never marketed them properly in the U.S. so that people like me did not know about them until after Mercury passed–or maybe I was too busy to notice. I have Leonard Cohen and I could listen to him sing, “I’m Your Man”, 50 times a day. I have lots of Rod Stewart who never gets old. I have Arlo Gutherie and his family performing in Australia, since I saw him open Grand Performances at the L.A. Water Court –I never knew about the origin of Alice’s restaurant and the reason Gutherie was rejecred for service in Viet Nam until I saw him and read his bio–his CD in Australia is terrific by the way.